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Still talking about Malware FlashBack, now there’s good news and bad news about it. It is estimated that this malware infection has declined, but not as fast as desired by computer experts. Security firm Symantec managed to reduce the number of malware infections flashback to reach 140.000, the amount estimated to remember two weeks ago to 600,000 this malware infection. One of the Symantec team said that, “statistics from the sinkhole we showed decreased numbers of days. At first we believed that this decline will occur in large numbers, but it’s not like we expected ‘.

It’s one of the security software is able to reduce malware infections, there are two other security software is also released to detect, remove and is expected to prevent infection of this malware, F-Secure and Kaspersky. If we know that the malware Flashback is a designed to steal passwords and other important information from computer users through a Web Browser. I have already emphasized that require security software that is completely valid and already Opinion before we use the internet service. Due to the rapid spread and infection is through the Internet. Usually, this malware can enter into the PC as users make mistakes without him accidentally, that is to open the site / website that is dangerous. That’s when there are special codes that are designed to fit into your PC programs and stole the key data to be sent to the remote server.

It is hoped we are not only motivated malware from one, maybe someday there will be more powerful malware and the resulting damage would be more dangerous still. To prevent this, below we provide advice and important tips on how to keep your Mac for Safe and Stable?

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1 Use Software security: the need to install antivirus for a computer is for security. Keep your computer from malware attacks, viruses, adware and theft committed by hackers.

2 Lockdown Admin rights: you are the sole owner of the computer? Should implement a system to enter username and password when using a PC. And for other activities such as browsing, chatting, watching videos, etc. make a simple non-admin account.

3 Update Software Security: make sure that you are using security software that actually can provide real-time protection and updates automatically. So if there is a new type of malware or virus can be handled quickly.

4 Get rid of Java and Flash: I think it is useless to you, because running the program Adobe Creative Suite simply rely on java to accomplish tasks. And if you’re using Mac OS, all web browsing, media and the creation of the document doesn’t use Java and Flash

5 Combine Password and Security Software: may we have a password, but still can be entered by malware? It might be password security software and other security programs don’t match, making it difficult to run properly. I recommend using 1Password or LastPass to start a good first step.

Maybe it’s some information and tips & advice that I can give on this post. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us. Good luck!

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    Doctor anti spyware are very good antivirus for internet surfers. I am using it since the day I bought my computer don’t forget of updating your computer

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