Sophos UTM isThe Complete Security Software For Mac OS

Free Sophos Security Software 2013

You want to know the complete security software in one package purchase? Sophos give it to you all. Sophos UTM is an antivirus designed by the developers to preserve and protect the Mac computer from malicious threats posed by viruses, malware, adware, trojans, spyware and hackers.

Sophos UTM has all the security features needed to keep your PC, to include web console that is easy to use. There are thousands of malware and spyware is detected by SophosLabs, almost all threats are targeted to damage computer systems and block internet access. There are also Sophos Endpoint Protection that will help you to easily secure all software installed from virus threats to keep them safe wherever and however they connect.

Free Complete Security Software For Mac OS

Sophos UTM

With Sophos Endpoint and HIPS ensure that all files stored on the PC, web pages and software safe from infectious virus / malware. Sophos HIPS protects all information by taking refuge from the outside sign with the image of proactive detection and behavior. Sophos UTM is also able to block malicious URLs and websites with poor quality content and useless. Here are the most important features in Sophos UTM:

  1. Network Firewall: A firewall is good and strong is able to prevent and detect exploitation from the outside that can lead to data loss, data theft, virus infection and other incidents that result is not good for the computer system.
  2. Windows Remote Access: VPN be budget friendly, it was designed by the developers in order to facilitate the companies or organizations that need remote access to be more secure and easier to disseminate information.
  3. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connector (VPC): in addition to be able to run UTM in amazon cloud itself, you can also use Sophos UTM to access the private parts of a special just for you just by using existing infrastructure and scalable dedicated hosting is good. Sophos UTM is one of the most secure service providers plug into Amazon VPC.

Other supporting features:

  • Network Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Anti-Spam
  • Web Protection
  • Application Control
  • Sophos Client VPN

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