Sophos Antivirus Mac Review

Sophos Anti virus mac

Sophos Antivirus Mac

Sophos Antivirus for Mac is an antivirus software; while Mac operating systems rarely contract computer viruses or spyware, they are still prone to an attack given enough persistence by a hacker. Since majority of people utilize Windows-based computers, hackers look for exploited opportunities to gain access to user’s computers. Windows operating systems are most vulnerable when it comes to malicious viruses, spyware, back-door bots and more. However, the same process may be utilized with Mac operating systems, therefore installing an antivirus software is beneficial to the end-user.

The Sophos Antivirus software has various features integrated into the program to assist the user in easily scanning their Mac to quickly analyze and quarantine viruses. Amongst user-friendly features are other options the user may set such as scheduling scanning times or the on-demand option which initiates a scan once a virus is found. An innovative central interface within the software allows the user to manage the Sophos Antivirus on multiple Macs as well as configure standard settings such as on-demand scanning, alert notifications, schedule scanning and more administrative options.

The user may install Sophos Antivirus by visiting the SophosLabs web page where they may navigate to the Mac download area. Once there, the user may click on the “Download Now” link to try an evaluation period of the software. However, a license is required once the evaluation period has ended. The Sophos software is compatible with Mac OSX operating systems up to the current OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system. Once the user installs the antivirus program, they may begin a scan to determine any viruses present. Once the user has finished scanning their system, they may also configure the scanning schedules and program settings of Sophos Antivirus for their needs.

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