Mac Encryption Data Security Software With MacKeeper 2012

Need a fast security software, secure and easy? Feel free to use MacKeeper. This security program ensures excellent protection to keep your mac computer from malware attacks, viruses, hackers and spyware. It also MacKeeper Security Software allows you to hide private files on your computer with Data Encryption feature.

As one of the best security software 2012, has been highly tested Mackeeper and get various award in terms of protecting the Mac OS. Should use security software for Mac? Indeed, in many cases, for less experienced Mac computer security problems caused by virus / malware. But it also doesn’t guarantee safe from viruses or malware, because the damage doesn’t come just from that alone, it may be time download files, online scanner, and even potentially damaging performance is a mac pc file transfer between computers. To prevent that, you can use the MacKeeper Encryption Data Software as the solution, you have a personal account? Should be protected with such features. Software is a function of encryption to hide the files / your personal data from other users who try to see or want to steal it.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to install MacKeeper Security Software:
A. if you share files with other people, you have the personal information that must be protected
2. if you use mac computers, together with co-workers, there are some important files that you might hide so as not to be accessed easily
3. parental controls that allow you to monitor the activities of the children use the computer during

Key Features:

  • Two optional encryption standard (AES-128 and AES-256)
  • MacKeeper not only protect your data from others, also offers a utility to create backup and recovery if there is something missing
  • contact the friendly support representative if you encounter some problems or have questions
  • ease of implementation in the form of guidelines for securing your data

How to Use the MacKeeper Encryption Data Software:
A. First you need is the password for data encryption software. Use a password that is easy to remember and don’t tell it to anyone, even your family.
2. Find the folder or file you want encryption. We recommend using standard encryption, using AES-128 or AES-256
3. When finished adding a password to access a particular folder, then click “hide password”
4. If you need to use your encrypted data next time, you have to open the Data Encryptor and unhide folders using your password.
5. Apply immediately!

That’s all we can inform you on this post, if you are still confused, please to see the video below

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