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[REVIEW] Spector PRO Surveillance Software

If you want to get a home security system for complete and reliable, then the solution is Spector PRO. Not only earned a good reputation as a reliable surveillance software in the world, but is designed with rich features and of course anyone can access it easily and quickly.

Spector PRO will help you to monitor the state of the home, office, or wherever you put a surveillance camera. All that is recorded in detail you can see on the computer screen. And because of advanced surveillance screen snapshot features, you can see not only WHAT they do, but the EXACT order in which they do, step by step.

The Gold Standard in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software

Selected as the best selling in the world as one of the security software which is used to monitor and record all activities and a surveillance camera captured the movement that you install in your home or office. You can see detail on recordings by connecting the PC to the internet.

Download, Install & Use Spector PRO Home Security System

Spector PRO

Key Features:

1. Screen Snapshots
Equipped with the most advanced snapshot screen recorder that allows you to monitor the activity of your children or anyone other than you in using the computer. Whether for the good or otherwise?

2. Chat / IM Activity + Blocking
Chat or IM made will be recorded all by Spector PRO and you will automatically be able to see. Because the show in detail every word is recorded, so you can follow up on it, the worst you can block it.

3. Activities + Social Networks Facebook
Who is not familiar with Facebook? The most popular social sites and almost every Internet user has a Facebook account. Here is the event where many people communicate and get acquainted with new people, makes it possible to send messages, videos, pictures and much more. With Spector PRO, these activities are recorded allowing you to make sure that your children are acting in a responsible and safe from Internet threats.

4. Website Activity + Blocking
Spector PRO as security software allows for automatic blocking of the site / website that provides content inappropriate for children. Or block the spread of viruses, malware & adware conducted several internet sites. Built in Web Site Blocking allows you to prevent access to web sites you deem inappropriate for your kids or employees.

There are many interesting features that are available in Spector PRO. This is the most advanced security solutions and recommended by the experts as the best safety device is worth your try. Because not only as security software, but also as a home security system. Please see the video below:

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