How to Install SWTOR For Mac OS X by Using BootCamp

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How to install  SWTOR For Mac OS X by Using Bootcamp


Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of the new games that most people, especially the difficulty mac computer users to install it. Then how is the solution? There are solutions that you can use and I am pleased to share this with you all. When an application on a Mac can also run on Windows, this isn’t a problem anymore. SWTOR’s easy to install Mac OS X, using the help of Bootcamp.

What is Bootcamp? is a simple software that is usually already included in the computer using the Mac operating system, so that you can also run Windows as a dual boot. So before we go in the installation process, should we need to have:

  • Mac OS X
  • DVD to install the Mac OS
  • a DVD containing Windows Installation Kit
  • 20 GB of memory
  • Check if you have any firmware updates

If the above are you’ve got, then without wasting any more time I will give you the steps to install Windows to Mac OS X:

1. Close all software running on Mac OS X, including browser or IM
2. bootcamp update
3. after you update Bootcamp, then you will find a window that contains how many aDNA want to allocate to the Windows partition. As I said above, I recommend at least 20GB.
4. press the partition
5. You will now see bootcamp partition drive icon on your desktop. Optionally, you can format the partition it now, but it is not necessary because you will format when you install Windows. If you want to format it, click on it, Options, and Format.
6. After that, input the Windows 7 DVD into your hard drive and click Install
7. Never fear, the Mac will boot and you will be prompted to select the partition where you want to put Windows. Bootcamp is a very sensitive, do not let you choose anything but bootcamp.
8. With bootcamp partition selected, press Format and then OK to begin installing Windows 7.

It was easy right? This is an easy step where you have to install Windows 7 to Mac OS X. Each time you reboot your computer, then you will be prompted for the Windows boot drive or drives Mac OS X. If you choose the first option, then you will boot Windows 7 and they do have an installation of SWTOR. If you are considering this option, don’t get your hopes up, I have found that the game is running slow and Parallels using Bootcamp is a more viable option.

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