How to Check For & Remove FlashBack Malware For Mac OS

Computer Security Tips – Remove Flashback Malware For Mac

For the problem of fake antivirus, there is an interesting one thing on Mac OS computers. The first anti-virus circulating on the Mac is MacDefender, then after that there DNSChanger and finally now the latest is Flashback Scam. All objectives of the fake antivirus is the same, namely to get your money. Well … to prevent this does not happen on our computer, let’s learn about FlashBack Malware Scam!

Flasback scam is a rogue malware designed by cyber criminals who aimed to destroy the computer-based Mac OS. At the beginning of this malware is just a fake flash player installer is very easy to avoid, but the threat becomes more serious, than the incoming data reports there were 600 000 Mac OS computers are already infected, apply to the U.S. and Canada. Basically this malware started by injecting a special code to the software that will run and then send the screenshots and other personal information to a remote server. From trials that have been done, there are 3 things why this Malware can get into a Mac OS?

1 Use of Java
The first thing to do a malware is to hijack the entire web browser, so that only one website that could be opened and even then they have a website. If you find a web page containing malicious malware and happen to have the unpatched version of java, it will pass blocking on all small applications that run. This malicious program is usually called jupdate, mkeeper, .. Flserv,. Null or .. Rserv, and the period before him seem hidden in the default Finder view.

Check For and Remove Flashback Malware For Mac OS

Fake Antivirus

2 Through the download file
Many facts speak for distributing viruses, malware, adware, spyware and other malicious software that many of the fastest is via the internet, more specifically on the downoad file. Because every file that we take from the internet it does not guarantee safe, many viruses that there is one indicator that will make the computer is infected with the virus.

3 Infection
Once the malware is downloaded and filter, run malware to infect your system. This is where the user will see a warning about software updates and will be asked to supply their password. At this stage there is nothing stopping a viral infection and eventually spread quickly. On the mode of infection, most of the password you provide will be changed into the info.plist format, most often occurs when using the Safari web browser and Mozilla. Infection is the preferred mode malware, but if the password is not given, then resort to a second mode of malware infection, in which he changed the “environment.plist” file.

Actually, no one wants their computer is infected, but if it has been? What can I say? Therefore, there is a video below that will guide you in dealing with this malware. Which was summarized in a clear and makes it easy to understand. After the Mac OS your computer is completely safe, make sure to use security software that can really protect your computer in real-time. See here” The Best Security Software ”.

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