Free Virus Software – Download PC iAntivirus Software For Mac OS

Download PC iAntivirus Software For Mac OS

PC Tools iAntiVirus is a security program designed for Mac computers to protect it from cyber threats that try to access your personal information illegally. This is one of the strongest and fastest security software that will keep all data files and the performance on your computer properly. For example, when your Mac computers infected with malware, viruses or worms that are very harmful and cause totally data lost, because the worm that has spread may also allow hackers to access your computer without permission, and then use it to launch attacks against other computers and web site or send mass SPAM email.

Here is the function of PC Tools iAntiVirus, has the ability to prevent and remove all viruses, malware and other malicious activity, providing real-time protection and comprehensive scan of your data, make sure your mac is completely safe and virus free. There are many things you can get when using this PC iAntivirus software, a variety of interesting features that will satisfy you, we just see below:

Database Security

iAntivirus security provides database protection attractive, able to detect and remove specific threats that will attack your Mac computer. You could say this allows good protection by keeping the memory footprint and minimal use of resources.

Easy to use
Perhaps this is the best antivirus solution for Mac OS that is designed with users in mind. The user interface is purely functional, making it easy to scan, remove and manage infections.

Scan options and real-time protection
A variety of scan options you can do yourself, using any type of scan for any problems encountered. These scan options makes you more careful in doing security. Equipped with IntelliGuard mac that will protect from viral infections in real-time. Any detection of a virus it will be automatically blocked and a warning will be displayed on the menu bar.

Virus Quarantine and Automatic Update
all the viruses that have been detected will be quarantined for hours, this will allow you to select files to be restored and that includes real virus will be removed permanently. Often updates to detect and keep your computer in order to stay safe. iAntiVirus are automatically installed and downloaded through the Smart Update function. Each new version is able to detect and remove malware that have a high risk level.

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