Free Security Software – Sophos vs Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky?

Sophos outperformed Symantec, Kaspersky & McAfee?

In connection with this security software, there is the latest news from Sophos Endpoint Protection. Reportedly resulted in a trial that sophos antivirus outperformed others, such as Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro. It’s certainly exciting news for users of Sophos Antivirus. Review a little about Sophos, is a security software designed to maintain and protect your Mac from a variety of malicious threats, such as virus attacks, malware, adware, spyware, trojans and identity theft.

We know that so many anti-virus that was released, but not really able to provide protection as we want. Sophos Endpoint provides comprehensive protection is very good and keep your PC is online or offline. From the results of experiments performed by computer experts, several factors that make Sophos better among all the antivirus is as follows:

1. Better protection
In 2011 then, Sophos Anti-malware version of Endpoint be the best platform by winning several awards. The report states that the Sophos:

  • is a double champion and one of the world’s best security software
  • providing leading security solutions that will be useful for Mac computer users
  • the only antivirus product that offers advanced features

Another report that makes it so great Sophos Endpoint is in terms of clearing the virus, the proof is:

  • 96% of zero-day threats
  • 99.74% of the sample malware prevalent
  • 24 of 25 for the detection of threats combined with all features turned on protection
  • 19 of 23 URLs through static malware detection
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Sophos performance analysis

2 Better performance

Most antivirus if the scan will slow down PC performance (slower), but not with Sophos Endpoint as to maximize PC performance. Scanning or file checks to ensure no viruses & malware which infects.

3. Easier to use

Is a top priority for computer users in selecting an antivirus is easy to use. Why buy an expensive antivirus but it is difficult to operate. This course will make PC users feel confused and angry. However, Sophos Endpoint is designed with a simple interface, making it easier for anyone who wants to run it, although still a beginner.

So, for those of you who have not tried this antivirus for Mac computers, you should start using it. Because I think Sophos is a very effective antivirus solution to clean the virus, malware and other rogue software that infects your PC. More details about this antivirus, click Sophos Endpoint.

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