Free and Paid Antivirus Software For Windows and Mac OS

Since the number of cases of theft that occurred, especially online theft that was one way of cyber criminals to spend money for computer users. We may know that computer security is very important to prevent bad things like that. Thus it is proper that we install a security software for computers.

Perhaps many people think that buying a computer security program that is very expensive. They prefer to use a free antivirus software available on the internet. All you have to remember here is that given an antivirus protection to keep all important data, personal information and PC performance with a safe and well. Given that in our PC store various important files. May be expensive, but if we remember that in our computer store lots of important files relating to employment, business or anything. It all would not be worth the next time your personal information, important files and various folders in our PC just disappear.

When I suggest still using a paid antivirus software that provides protection in total. Any time can be counted on to prevent, block and remove viruses, malware, spyware, trojan, adware, rootkits and various other malicious files. Free Antivirus is able to remove the malware, but malware can delete a new kind of daily emergence of new types of virus? That’s just an opinion that I have felt alone, when important files in my computer just disappear. Though in my existing PC security software that is I got it for free. I currently use a paid antivirus and my results are not problems anymore with the virus or malware. Here I’ll share a bit of interesting information regarding the security software!

Download Free and Paid Antivirus Software For Mac OS and Windows

Computer Virus Removal

1. Best Paid Security Software 2012

  • Norton Security Software
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus Software
  • AVG Internet Security
  • BitDefender Security 2012 Software

2. List of Top Free Antivirus Software 2012:

  • AVG AntiVirus
  • avast!
  • Avira AntiVir Personal
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus

Perhaps because the milestones you just use a computer, can use this free antivirus solution.

3. Anti-spyware
Spyware and adware is another major threat to computer security. Spyware tracks your Web surfing and reporting your interests to a computer on the Internet. While adware is a dangerous file types that usually appears as an advertisement. Both are very disturbing and potentially slowing down your PC’s performance.

List of Best Anti-spyware 2012:

  • Ad-Aware
  • Malwarebytes Anti-malware
  • Spyware Doctor
  • SuperAnti-spyware
  • Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
  • SpywareBlaster

Well …. There is already a view to using security software wiki and computers that match your skills? I suggest you can combine antivirus and anti-malware to keep your computer safe and stable. If anyone wants to ask or add something, just contact us. Good luck!

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