Download MEO Free Encryption Software 2012 For Windows and Mac OS

Free Encryption Software 2012

MEO is one of the encryption software designed for computer-based Mac and Windows. This software allows you to encrypt or decrypt files of any format type. Both are also used as a security software that protects your important data from a variety of illegal access, like other unauthorized users, hackers or viruses.

As encryption software that can meluindungi sensitive data against all types of unauthorized akes, designed with the latest data protection technology in order to keep your documents safe. This software also allows you to send an email to be encrypted or create encrypted files to others, so that your intended recipient can open the document in any Windows and Mac without having to use or install other encryption software.

With a simple interface, allow users to access freely. It only took a few minutes only when you want to encrypt the file. Here are some key features that you can enjoy:

allow you to encrypt files and folders
decrypt the encrypted file that you have
encrypt emails and send emails in the format of MEO
create self-extracting encrypted files making it easier for recipients of the email is easy to open
Right-click integration allows you to encrypt files from outside the program
Automatically log all operations to a file
Create and verify checksums (MD5, SHA-1, Tiger Tree) to confirm the integrity of the file

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, XP and Vista
Mac OS X 10.3 and above

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