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Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has all the features necessary to avoid your computer from malware, viruses or other files that will harm your PC’s performance. By using this antivirus software, then you will be helped to eliminate viruses, malware, trojans, rookit, etc. Antvirus is very important in life today. For what? Any activities or the work we do today can’t be separated from what is called with the technology, it was the same with computers, laptops, etc.When we work with a computer using the media, there must be a sense of worry if they caught the virus and delete your important files? That’s why you should use a more sophisticated modern antivirus and easier than previous versions, one with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.

There are a few features that Kaspersky has the function of each, namely:

  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool: Virus Removal Tool is a utility designed to remove all types of infections from your computer.
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk: This feature is designed to allow you to scan, disinfect and restore the previous operating system is infected with viruses or malware.

Key Features:

  • allows the user to set automatic scans to your liking
  • serves to protect your computer from virus attacks, malware, rookit, spyware, etc.
  • scan all your data files before doing a scan so as not erased
  • this security software will keep your pc in real-time protection
  • monitor all PC users when browsing the internet
  • Enjoy secure online banking and shopping
  • Get effective protection from unknown threats
  • Communicate in safety on your favorite social networks
  • and much more

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