Download AVG Free Antivirus 2012 For Mac OS X and Mac Lion

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Download Free Mac Antivirus 2012 - AVG Antivirus Free Edition
AVG Antivirus Free Edition

AVG Anti-Virus 2012 is an antivirus software that can protect your computer from malicious files or viruses. You can also get this security software is free or premium. Let’s learn together about AVG Anti-Virus 2012 is.

With the rapid virus detection capabilities and immediately do a scan to remove the virus makes a lot of PC users to make this as one of the antivirus solution is very efficient. In addition to ease of use, performance of this antivirus will not slow your PC’s performance.

Download AVG antivirus 2012 For Mac and Windows

AVG antivirus 2012

Key Features of AVG Anti-Virus 2012:

  • Available LinkScanner feature that will keep your PC safe while exploring the world of the Internet
  • Get online and offline protection to prevent malware attacks, spyware and other viruses.
  • It will not slow your PC’s performance
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Mac Lion, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

In addition to the above functions, in fact there are many more security provided by AVG 2012, namely:

  • Protection of your personal data from theft, such as passwords, account numbers and bank information online.
  • Equipped with AVG Firewall will protect information, systems security and control your computer from hackers.
  • The protection provided by AVG Anti-spam This would ensure that incoming mail is not the garbage that is not clear.
  • Protection for IM, file downloads and social networking. Because it comes with the AVG Web Shield is ready to block web sites that provide content that is not feasible and less educated.
  • ForĀ  AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition can detect the root-kit, most of the threats that are so complex and uses a sophisticated and powerful tools that are needed to root them out from inside your PC.

Immediate download now and enjoy its features. Make sure that your computer safe from viruses using AVG Antivirus 2012. If you need something from us, please contact us. Wherever possible we will give you the best for you. To get this AVG Antivirus 2012 you can visit or Amazon Store.

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