Data Backup Solutions – GFI Backup 2011 Freeware Edition

Your computer can store important files? Already have a data backup? Don’t get all the important data that go away without you having duplicate. Because many viruses and malware can delete all the files without the user’s knowledge. Well … to prevent this from happening, you need to get a computer is a data recovery and back-up software.

Back-up data is something that is very important for every computer user, as these steps are suggested when at any time the data we store in your computer just disappear. Recovery software can work that one of them is GFI Back-Up Data 2011 Freeware. This software allows you to create important documents reserve, photos, videos, music and all the important files are stored

Download Free GFI Data Backup 2011 Freeware Edition

GFI Data Backup 2011 Freeware Edition

Why choose GFI Backup 2011 Freeware Edition?

  • All data will be stored securely
  • beautiful design and easy to use
  • have the ability to restore data in just minutes
  • fast, effective and provide the most comprehensive features for data backup solutions
  • and of course what you get for FREE

As one of the best data backup solutions, GFI Backup 2011 Freeware allows you to perform backups to multiple devices, among others, hard disk internal / external, NAS devices, CD / DVD / Blu-Ray media, memory sticks and flash memory devices such as removable USB drives, memory sticks, etc..

Recovery software is designed not to rely on the Windows Task Scheduler, but using advanced scheduling mechanism and can be configured. Supports scheduling tasks to run it by:

  • manual
  • On Windows start-up/shutdown
  • Clock settings / daily
  • periodically

GFI Backup supports Unicode, an industry standard that serves as a universal character encoding, the intention is that the GFI Backup Software supports all commonly used characters such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian

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