Bitdefender Business Solutions Software 2012

BitDefender is one of the best antivirus 2012 that recommended a lot of technology experts, particularly in the field of computers. In addition to functioning as an antivirus or anti-malware, BitDefender was also functions as a solution for your business. Well …. for those of you attacking a businessman or a lot of store-virgin ADATA important in the PC or laptop, of course, requires a security program to keep it all. You can use the Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 as a solution. Because security software is designed with the ability to control and management of policy implementation at the server of your business enterprise. Very effective for emerging companies or large corporations.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2012

BitDefender Business Solutions enables companies to:

1. Implement an integrated business management platform for the remote, reporting configuration, BitDefender client, server and all products.
2. provide IT administrators with a wide network that can access all of the network, even an infected malware
3. Will proactively audit hardware and software assets on the network
4. Malware-related incident reports to identify the level of infection
5. Measuring the effectiveness of the organization’s security program Internet

With a simple interface design, allowing anyone easy access. Without using additional software or special training, you can easily learn it and set it according to the needs of the company. As a business solution that is very effective antivirus, BitDefender provides a very comprehensive protection, easier management of your business and protect all your important files from viruses, malware, adware, trojans, spyware and hackers.

Key Features:

  • reliable as the antivirus software that can provide consistent protection from online threats
  • rapid response in the detection of new malware or virus types
  • protect and secure all your important data stored in a PC or laptop
  • stop hijacking your identity
  • Safeguard against espionage and junk mail with malicious content
  • securely store financial information and customer
  • simplifies network management by using a Wizard-driven and reduce manual reporting duty
  • do all your data backup and automatically collect all the data for reporting

If you want to get the antivirus software is very easy, you just visit To convince you that this is an excellent business solutions, please see the video below:

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