Best Mac Antivirus 2012 – ESET Cybersecurity For Mac OS X Lion

Review Free ESET Cybersecurity For Mac OS X Lion

Indeed, the fact that Mac OS is more secure than Windows, but it also didn’t rule out that the Mac can also be infected with malware or other virus? Because Windows can now be run with the Mac OS, it will actually make a PC that we used susceptible virus. Well … to prevent this, there is now a security software specifically designed for Mac OS, namely ESET Cybersecurity. One of the best antivirus for Mac that will protect your PC from online threats, like viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojans and other malicious files.

ESET Cybersecurity is a very intelligent antivirus, effective and powerful. It comes with ThreatSense feature that serves to make automatic virus scans and provide a pro-active protection. Not just as a computer security program, but the antivirus solutions and Internet Security for Mac OS.

Download Free and Install ESET Cybersecurity For Mac OS X Lion

ESET Cybersecurity For Mac OS

Main features of ESET Cybersecurity:

  • virus detection when you are browsing the Internet
  • going to block every suspicious file on your computer
  • block all online identity theft through viruses, spyware and trojan
  • maintain and remove all harmful parasites that exist in the PC, including malware, spyware, adware and trojans
  • Eliminate viruses and other threats to the Mac from email and removable media, such as USB, FireWire, CD and DVD.
  • Scanning from a shared folder for the virus in a virtual machine (such as Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp)

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac will not slow down the performance of a Mac computer. Because it runs behind a light background and the memory will optimize your PC’s performance. Virus scan is very fast and security updates automatically. You can work, play, explore and create without slowdowns, pop-up or compromising safety for productivity.

Easy installation, ESET Cybersecurity make a choice of many computer users to keep all your data and computer security. Proven and tested in terms of solving problems of computer viruses. So, for those of you who use Mac OS? No need to worry anymore with a computer parasite, because all will be solved quickly using ESET cybersecurity. Good luck.

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