Best 5 Easy Tips To Make Your MacBook Run Faster and High Peformance

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MacBook is a production technology that is equipped with advanced technology, good at case work files, music, photos, videos and much more you can do with the MacBook. But the obstacle is how to care for and maintain the Macbook in order to stay well? Sometimes we often use the MacBook without regard to its condition, whether infected with the virus, hardware conditions that have long or anything that causes damage to the MacBook. Well … This time we will share some interesting tips on how to care for and maintain security in MacBook. Note!

1. Use Absolute Software that serves to maintain the security of your data from theft. LoJack is a service data on a MacBook and can integrate the BIOS on firmware level. So the thief who think that just wiping the hard drive of your computer stolen will enable it to be tracked in a real shock when it connects to the start LoJack is clean and the location of your MacBook broadcasting.

2. Enable Security Features provided by the MacBoo
In case this is you, as admin, create a username and password when activating the computer. This is one of the first steps to prevent data theft or unauthorized use you first. Most hackers and data thieves will just pull the hard drive out and hook your MacBook to other computers using IDE / SATA to USB cable. Their computers will read only drive your MacBook as a DVD or USB drive plugged into it. They don’t will require an account or password to access your data because they have through the operating system’s built-in security files. They now have direct access to files You regardless of who is logged. To prevent this you should enable encryption of files using the built-in OS X FileVault tool. Features FileVault encryption software and serves as a file mendekrisp associated with your profile quickly, by entering a username and password that has been is set. It may sound difficult, but if you do not try it myself don’t know easy access to this issue.

3. Install Patch
It’s important to install the patch, because it serves as a tool that allows Mac OS check out Apple’s branded with the renewal of the software up-to-date. This is the idea that either to perform or schedule updates at least weekly to check for applications that The most used so that you are not vulnerable to exploitation-based software.

4. Use Antivirus or Anti-Malware
Maybe you already know about antivirus, serves to protect your Mac computers from virus or malware attack. Prevent their spread and remove them before the damage the hard the drive. Since all viruses cause computer malfunction, slow down PC performance and steals our important data. Can you use MacKeeper or AVG Antivirus Free.

5. Close the computer with the shutdown and no other menus such as Hibernate, Sleep, Lock, etc..
In many cases, data theft is more common on computers that are not turned off in total. Many computer users consider to be faster and easier when not turned off completely, but if you know it will also be easier for hackers to steal your important data. Now you can choose, to wait longer but it is safe or brief but prone to theft?

Hopefully this article useful and help you. From now on let us consider conditions of the devices we use in everyday life, especially the MacBook. When you have any other suggestions? Feel free to share with us, of course we would love us can keep each other informed.

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