Top iPhone Spy & Monitoring Software 2012

What is Spy Phone Software & How to Find Out If It’s on Your Cell Phone?

The many threats the people closest to us made to feel uncomfortable, let alone many criminal cases that originated from a technology, especially mobile phones. This threat is common in children, sometimes we don’t know exactly what children do when they access the phone. It is certainly one thing we need to worry, because if they use the phone properly? Or even become a lethal weapon for them? For example accessing websites that provide inappropriate content, connect with people who are not known with certainty, etc.. Therefore, you need a software that helps you to monitor all their activities as long as we are not nearby. And the answer to your problem is Spy Phone Software.

What is Spy Phone Software? What is the function? And How does it work? See on all here. Spy Phone Software is one of the best monitoring software ever created, with a fairly simple interface, light and the installation process is not too complicated course is suitable for your use. Security software will do the job very well, which only you have to do is install the phones you want watched over. After you finish installation, then the next thing is you have to send SMS commands to configure it. This is very useful to know the location of mobile phones, a list of phone numbers, SMS messages, etc..

Download free & Install Top iPhone Spy & Monitoring Software 2012

Spy phone software

Functions of Spy Phone Software is to assist you in getting all the information from which you watch mobile phone usage, such as for example the information of incoming SMS messages and outgoing, incoming & outgoing calls, record all the conversations, and even monitor all the files stored therein. Very helpful is not it?

All information will be sent to a personal account your Spy phone software, so even if they could remove traces of web browsing through mobile phones, but you already have an account record in the Spy Phone Software. Without the knowledge of mobile phone users, you can continue to monitor them remotely, anytime you can access your personal account in the Spy Phone Software for any internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Spy Phone Software: one of the best and most sophisticated surveillance equipment for mobile phones is to use this monitoring software. This allows you to keep track of all that happened on the target phone.
  • Call Interceptor: There is a microphone used for recording conversations.
  • SMS Interceptor: a tracking all incoming SMS messages and exit. Although removed from the phone directly, but a copy was sent to your account your Spy phone software.
  • Phone location tracker: this feature will help you locate the phone you are watching. So at a glance you instantly know its position. The way it works is very simple, send an SMS command on the target phone to track the location and you will receive a response indicative of GSM or GPS location if available.
  • Video Spying: The spy video you can shoot video and record everything that occurs near the handset and the results will be sent to you at your email address.
  • Call recording: record all incoming and outgoing calls, the microphone is enabled and you can get the tape in a short time. The recording will be sent to personal accounts Spy phone software.

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