iPhone Security – Android & Blackberry Safer Than iOS for SMS

Android & Blackberry better than iOS for SMS ?

Recently discovered a flaw in the Apple iPhone device that allows identity thieves or hackers to break into SMS messages. According to AdaptiveMobile, iPhone stand alone for security, because AdaptiveMobile has been testing a comparison between Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iOS. All of these platforms remain safe in the treatment of SMS but iPhone.

Basically iPhone security holes that have been discovered by researchers pod2g, allowing hackers to deceive reply number in a text message. By sending disgusting things of the identity that you may know (like your bank) but direct response to another place. Security researchers have warned that spoofing can be used to deceive users into disclosing personal iphone via text message GCC can then be used to access your personal account. That way the hackers easily get your money.

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Historically, the ‘reply-address” is introduced to allow users to reply to a text that’ broadcast ‘of information agency or marketing firm, “said Cathal McDaid, a security consultant at AdaptiveMobile. “This system may not be able to receive broadcast messages, the system allows for more interaction.”

Should Apple not focused on security?

AdaptiveMobile says that most handsets now ignore this quirk in the system and treat areas of counter-address correctly. His research has confirmed this to be true with Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms.

“Apple has left a significant vulnerability in the handset can allow consumers to be deceived and submit personal information to hackers and criminals,” said McDaid. “This reinforces the importance of handset manufacturers, operators, security providers collaborate and help keep the SMS as a channel, safe reliable, and trustworthy.”

Apple’s response to this problem, but didn’t offer corrective solutions

“Apple takes security very seriously,” Apple said in a statement. “When using iMessage instead of SMS, address verified that protect against these kinds of spoofing attacks. One of the limitations of SMS is that it allows messages to be sent to a fake address for any phone, so we encourage customers to be very careful if they directed to an unknown site or address by SMS. ”

In other words, Apple recommends that users who are concerned with the security of smartphones they should believe iMessage not the SMS. iMessage is only available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple computers.

For more safe, you should use a mobile antivirus specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Read more here

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