How to Get and Use iCam Video Surveillance For iPhone

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When we discuss the problem of robbery or theft, no escape from the name of Video Surveillance. Of course it is a security tool which we shall use to help us determine the condition of your home or office while we live, maybe a vacation or are out of town. Today more sophisticated electronic instruments that were created, ranging from the Smartphone and Computer / Laptop. Of these tools we can monitor the situation around the home / office security cameras have been installed.

There is a security camera system that we can combine with computers and smartphones, the ICAM. Function of the security appliance is to provide a feature webcam as a surveillance camera that you have to connect your PC system, and from anywhere you are able to see the situation around. Make sure that you install security cameras are strategically placed, and more than one surveillance camera installed. You only spend $ 5 to get the interesting features are already available in the ICAM, such as motion detection is highly sensitive, multi-streaming audio surveillance cameras, video recorders and many others.

To get started using ICAM, see the guidelines below:

How to download and use iCam Security Camera For iPhone

iCam Security Camera For iPhone

1 Set up your computer at ICAM
In this case you are prompted to install the first ICAM to your PC, you can get on the internet ICAM ( Select the appropriate version of the model of your PC (MAC or Windows). After the installation is complete, run the program and set its security. By creating a username and password that only you know about it.

If you find a notice that it does want to provide access through your firewall, That means you must repeat the installation for each computer you want to connect to the Webcam earlier. If you want to get more control of ICAM, consider buying a WebCam that can connect to Wifi automatically fatherly supervision, allows you to highlight oblique to use the phone / tablet. Here is how to setup using IP Webcam with ICAM

2 Install ICAM on Android or Tablet

Of mobile devices allows you to set the surveillance camera from a distance. Maybe for the first time you use the ICAM will be offered a variety of other things, my advice is ignore it. After installation is complete, run as usual. All you remember is your computer and your phone should still connect to the internet.

Well … it’s possible additional tips to strengthen the security of our homes and offices of various undesirable things. The video surveillance that you can now access through mobile phones and computers is the easiest way you can monitor the state of the house when left to go. So, don’t let your home be the next target of the robbery before installing a security camera system.

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