Free iPhone Security – Download Trend Micro Smart Surfing For iPhone & iPad

Trend Micro Mobile Security Software For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

If you are one of the owners of Android, iPhone, iPad or other Smartphones? It is now available a security software that will protect your mobile device from malicious threats that every time you lurk. Trend Micro Antivirus has provided a new security software specifically designed to protect the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Antivirus is commonly known as the Trend Micro Smart Surfing, a mobile security software that works to keep your phone from malware attacks, adware, trojans, and other viruses. Have the ability to recognize, prevent and remove the virus was detected in the iPhone.

As the name suggests, Trend Micro Smart Surfing provides a safety protection for you, the phone is connected to the internet. We all know with the Internet is one of the fastest medium for spreading viruses, malware or other malicious programs. With reasons like that, then the developers are trying to create a Trend Micro Smart Surfing for the security solution. The main function of the mobile antivirus is possible to block all sites that could potentially harm your iPhone. For example when you want to open or access a website, without realizing it turns out the website can spread the virus into your iPhone, well … then quickly Trend Micro Smart Surfing will block and tell you that the site is dangerous.

Free iPhone Security - Download Free Trend Micro Smart Surfing For ipad

Trend Micro Smart Surfing

Key Features:

  • protect the iPhone and the iPad from the threat of malware, adware, spyware and viruses
  • block malicious websites
  • protect the device from your iphone phishing attack
  • equipped with a variety of color-code that will allow you to identify the website
  • automatic update and provide protection in real-time
  • supports various mobile web browser

How it Works:

For those of you who have yet to find a suitable mobile antivirus? Why not try the Trend Micro Smart Surfing! And if still confused with the performance of Trend Micro Smart Surfing? See the information here …. Easy, secure internet access and quiet when shopping online because of all the security is guaranteed by the Trend Micro Security Software. The workings of this antivirus is quite simple and easy to learn, when a web site that you want to access, you’ll see some color-code whose function is to enable you to identify whether a website is safe or dangerous? If those who don’t understand the color-code, and still want to open a website, it will block the website quickly if dangerous. This is to prevent the spread of virus and malware to your iPhone.

For more information, please see the video below:

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