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If you need a security software to keep your Tablet device? Then Mobile Spy is proud to present PeekTab. That is a spy software designed specifically for the iPad is useful to provide a convenience to you in monitoring the other activities and use your own iPad, be it children or employees of the office. Its function is similar to the Mobile Spy software will record all the list of sites visited, and will be sent automatically to you. So even though they tried to erase the traces, it will be worth it.

Just what is PeekTab? A hybrid software that allows you to secretly monitor the use of the iPad and can be accessed at any time. By using a unique system and almost not owned by any other security software, PeekTab provide truly useful to you. The workings of the spy software is very simple, after you’ve finished installing and running as usual. Then immediately the security softwarewill record or record website URL, email activity and will be uploaded to your account PeekTab. So those who use the iPad doesn’t know that you already know the activity.

Download Free & Install iPad Spy Security Software 2012

iPad Spy Security Software

Benefits for parents and business owners to know is that you can use iPad you give to the right or use it for something that doesn’t mean. If you want to see the results, simply login to the Control Panel is safe from computer or phone web browser. Just enter the username and password to view the activity log.

Key Features:

  • PeekTab has a simple interface that can be spelled out, but interesting, that’s what makes many users captivated
  • look at the recording site URL is opened when using the iPad
  • allows you to block harmful sites or dangerous websites
  • spies of technologies owned PeekTab allows you to find out children’s activities, whether they open those sites that don’t deserve? Or use it properly
  • PeekTab into your account and get important information
  • All incoming and outgoing email activity is logged. Email can be viewed as a whole.
  • Each calendar event is logged. Date, time and location recorded.

Provide complete facilities to the children it is okay! Just do until we don’t monitor it, and therefore use PeekTab is the right step. Prevent the things that don’t want to use this iPad security software. Greetings and good luck :)

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