What Are The Best Free Mobile Antivirus For Android, iPhone and Blackberry?

[REVIEW] Lookout Mobile Security Vs Avast Free Mobile Antivirus

If ever we have a lot of talk about the best antivirus for mobile phones, so this time we want to compare two of the best mobile antivirus commonly used by users of Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphones. Which is between Lookout Mobile Security Vs Avast Mobile Antivirus? Both have great ability in terms of both protection and serves to destroy the virus from the cell phone. So, you think, who is more powerful? Who is more popular? Find all the answers just here!

1. Lookout Mobile Security

Already familiar with this security software, has millions of users spread around the world. Lookout is one of the best mobile antivirus that offers security for your phone. Equipped with many exciting features that will surely make you satisfied. Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware is a major function of this antivirus. I include user Lookout Mobile Security, has been almost two years using this antivirus I found no issues regarding viruses, malware, adware, trojan or any thing that could potentially damage the Android. Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance of this security software.

Pros and Key Features:

  • provide security protection in real-time, both mobile and keep protection data in it
  • prevent the spread of the virus and will be detected by antivirus, after it was removed so as not to damage the performance of the phone system
  • perform an automatic scan of the file you just downloaded
  • scan all applications, documents, music, videos and pictures that you install, this is to ensure that no virus is hiding in it
  • Easy, Free and Effective to prevent and remove viruses
  • Can automatically update itself, you don’t need to manually update
  • For the first time you use Lookout Mobile Security, available support services that will be directly guided by experts through social media. So if you find trouble, you can ask them directly.


  • In using this Antivirus, I have not found any errors on this antivirus (I use the paid version). But for the free version, maybe not better than Lookout Premium Antivirus.

2. Avast Mobile Antivirus

Download Free Lookout Mobile Security Vs Avast Free Mobile Antivirus

Free Best Mobile Security Software 2012 For Android

One of the best free mobile antivirus that you can make a proper antivirus solution is to use Avast Free Mobile Antivirus. This security software provides some features that may not be your find in other antivirus products. Ie there is a report Privacy, Call / SMS filtering, application Manager. Many computer experts, particularly in the areas of security, recommend Avast Mobile Antivirus as one of the excellent security software, it can detect, remove the virus and keep all important data safely. In addition, with a friendly interface, easy, and free to be one factor why Avast Mobile Security is very popular.

Pros and Key Features:

  • As a security software, Avast is able to prevent the spread of the virus, detecting and removing viruses and to optimize the performance of mobile
  • keep all important documents and information privation from online threats, such as virus attacks, malware, spyware and identity theft
  • scans every file that you install or you just downloaded from the internet. This is a precaution so that no viruses that enter through the downloaded application
  • allows you to block any phone number you don’t want
  • maintain security while you surf the Internet and will automatically block malicious websites
  • addition of a firewall security software to stop hackers. Disable internet access an application when in WiFi and 3G cellular networks and roaming.


  • according to my friend, is less effective to stop the trojan! And heavier than other antivirus.

Okay …. it’s all interesting things that I can convey, what do you think? Have to use the antivirus? Or have another opinion? Please feel free to share with us and we can exchange information and experiences. Hail Success :)

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