New Blackberry Security – Get McAfee WaveSecure For Blackberry Phones

Special New McAfee Mobile Security For Blackberry Smartphones

You have a business and the media often use the Blackberry as your maid? Has your BlackBerry device is safe? If still in doubt its safety, immediately protected by mobile security software. There are so many antivirus designed to protect the mobile phone with quality and different features, it makes par a confused phone owners. Well …. we therefore wanted to introduce a mobile antivirus recommended by computer experts, that McAfee WaveSecure.

McAfee WaveSecure is a mobile security software is one of the best ever and already millions of android viruses are destroyed. But this time McAfee WaveSecure comes with the latest version, and to protect your Blackberry device. McAfee WaveSecure, a data protectionand privacy at any time if you lose your device. SIM tracking, remote lock and location tracking to help restore your device is lost. The following are the features that are available in the McAfee WaveSecure:

Download & Install Free McAfee WaveSecure For Blackberry

McAfee WaveSecure For Blackberry

Protect your phone data

McAfee WaveSecure serves to protect your personal information and keep your phone from identity thieves. Very suitable if you are using to protect all data related to your business. McAfee WaveSecure will make backup data quickly and easily, securing and call logs. Allows users to access anything with a web browser, anytime, anywhere. Don’t lose media such as photos and videos on your phone. Keep them safe with McAfee WaveSecure for Blackberry.

Restoring data with ease

If at any time you accidentally delete or no data is deleted from the BlackBerry? No need to worry, because McAfee WaveSecure can returns the missing data. So you can choose the missing data had to be returned.

Protect your BlackBerry

McAfee WaveSecure silently keeping your BlackBerry in the background. After a new SIM card, your device is locked and can not be accessed by thieves. In this way, prevents access to your mobile data or unauthorized use of the device.

Lock screen asking searchers to return the device and you can sound an alarm to alert the thief. All of this works to increase the chances of finding your smart phone.

There are many interesting features that you can get to protect your Blackberry devices, if you lose the phone will be faster and easier to find. Because McAfee WaveSecure provides GPS services that will detect and locate where your phone is located. Business data is secure and seamlessly with McAfee WaveSecure for Blackberry.

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