McAfee Antivirus Software and Xerox make Data Security Protection

Now comes a new feature of McAfee Antivirus software designed for business customers. These features include a new security system to tackle the threat data by using the integration of technology and the Xerox machine. Now, with the cooperation between the McAfee Security Software and Xerox companies will make business people feel safe with the necessary data they store. In essence using the “white list” which allows each users to give permission on the file you want to run. This system will also include a way to track and investigate the time and origin of all security events and then take action on them.

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McAfee Data Security Protection

So many argue that this step is a safer way. Rick Dastin, Xerox Enterprise business group leader stated that, “With more than 50,000 security threats emerging daily, it protects highly sensitive information is important, especially a lot of network PC connected to the fax machine, it is potentially exposed to the threat of such data. Work This will ensure equal protection of sensitive data and information very safe “.

Although security has been creating software, which is to worry about is the threat from within. Valid according to the report, more than 55% of employees don’t follow the company’s security policy. So that is what makes the threat of data that often occurs, even about 20% of workers don’t know the security policy. The researchers argue that this opens the door to leave the security of customer credit card numbers, financial statements, and HR and tax documents. For reference, an online survey based on responses from 2541 adults in the United States.

Just to remind any of you who don’t use McAfee Security Software. Here are some key features offered by this antivirus software to protect your computer or laptop that you use frequently.

  • Keep your computer from viruses, malware and theft of your important data
  • Scan automatically download new
  • Run a full scan to protect your pc safe from viruses and malware
  • schedule a back-up data automatically
  • Antitheft – prevent data theft or unauthorized access to your pc free
  • allows parents to monitor their children’s computer use
  • data backup and protect data security

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