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Mobile Acces to Remotely Control Home

Need a home security system you can access through the phone? If you are looking for solutions to problems, for Android users can now access Alarm.Com. One of the best security system recommended by the experts to supplement and strengthen security at home arau your business. Alarm.com software can allow you to monitor and control all security systems from anywhere, anytime and all in one Android device.

So don’t just use Android just to chat, play games, SMS, internet surfing, but also use as a security tool. Attach all the surveillance cameras at home, office, store, or other place that saves a lot of valuables. And connect with a PC or Android Smartphone, the condition is connected to the internet. Maybe this will be an important security software for Android some day, maybe this time only a few people who use it and realize it as a security tool that is helpful. Alarm.com for Android is designed to implement the regulatory system that is intuitive, easy control, and simple interface. So, this is a very comprehensive security solutions and bring a sense of comfort.

Download Free, Install & Use Alarm.com For Android, iPhone & Blackberry

Alarm.com For Android, iPhone & Blackberry

Key Features:

  • assist you in checking the status and activity of a surveillance camera captured motion
  • assist you in maintaining home security
  • Changing your thermostat setting.
  • as a surveillance video that will record all incidents caught on camera
  • security tool that you can access remotely
  • Alarm.com for Android is what you get in the Android Market
  • Access history, a complete search system and alarm events.
  • Control lights in your property.

Not only as home security systems, Alarm.com you can use as a reference to the following matters:

  • The kids come home from school
  • gardener, sending the newspaper arrives in front of your house
  • water leak under the floor
  • tell you that the garage door is still open
  • detectable alcohol, weapons or drugs
  • somebody forgot to turn off the lights.

By combining the Android phones and Software Alarm.com, get a home security system is very strong and powerful. You will receive a text message notification via e-mail in real-time you can access on Android phones. What are you waiting?

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