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Maybe we’ve often heard that Sophos is an antivirus designed to protect Mac OS computer devices. But not only there, because now there Sophos Mobile Security that will maintain and ready to destroy a variety of malicious software that attack your phone.

Sophos Mobile Security is an antivirus that is very light and handy to keep mobile phones (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, etc.) from viruses, malware, adware, trojans and hackers. The performance is fast, effective and not wasteful use of battery. Since most mobile antivirus is designed as executable will accelerate the battery becomes depleted, and of course this is not too good for your cell phone. In contrast to the Sophos Mobile Security, as designed by the developers of high performance, efficient and everyone can access it quickly and easily.

For those of you who frequently use Android, iOS, iPad, Blackberry as a means of shopping online, then one of the functions of Sophos Mobile Security to protect the personal data that are important, such as for example, bank account numbers and other social media accounts. To more clearly determine the features of Sophos Mobile Security, look below:

Download & Install Free Sophos Mobile Security For Android, iOS & Blackberry

Sophos Mobile Security


  1. Scanning application that you install in your phone
  2. separate application that had been infected with the virus because it could pose a potential threat
  3. Update information about threats detected by Sophos Mobile Security


  1. Perform remote lock on any Android device that has been lost or stolen you
  2. Using tracking technology (GPS) to try to locate your device


  1. Detect applications that access personal data such as your address book
  2. Allows you to easily identify applications that can make the details of the cost

If you don’t want to use the Sophos Mobile Security. Follow these steps to disable them below:

  • Disable Sophos device is in Administration
  • In the Android settings: Go to >> THE ADMINISTRATION PERSONAL Security> Device administrators disable checkboxes for Sophos Security.
  • Note: The road to the setting may vary depending on the version of Android and / or device you use.

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