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Are your kids going out with my friends via SMS to skip school? Is your teen SMS activity while driving a car / motorcycle? Or maybe your spouse cheating in behind you? Um … if so to find out all the activities of people near you are using a mobile phone (SMS or call), then use Mobile Spy Software. That is a safety device that allows you to monitor cell phones (Blackberry, Android, Apple, Windows Mobile, etc.). By using a unique security system you can find out what this software has been noted in the use of cell phones, starting at every boot up the phone and not be detected in the task manager.

Pretty simple, easy and quick installation process will certainly be helpful for you. After you finish the installation of spy software, it will silently upload all data to your personal account which is registered in the server Mobile Spy Software. If you want to see a list of SMS, simply log-in to the Control Panel and SMS Mobile Spy will display it.

Key Features:

  • This spy software will record all incoming and outgoing calls along with the time, day and date
  • detect and remember all the websites visited on the mobile internet explorer, at the same time when visiting
  • a summary of all activities that can be shown to all readers by their respective categories
  • SMS Mobile Spy Software is a software that will help you remain in control of all the children, spouses and the people around you to send and receive SMS messages
Download Free & Install SMS Mobile Spy Software 2012 For Android, iphone

Mobile Spy Software

How does SMS Mobile Spy works:
Equipped with technology that may rarely be owned by other mobile security software makes security software is to be different. Very useful to know any SMS messages, incoming and outgoing numbers and any website that opened when browsing the Internet. Obviously this is very helpful for any parent or who already have a partner. Consider the following steps:

  • Get SMS Mobile Spy Software and install it on your phone
  • each customer was asked to configure the program according to which they need
  • mobile phone users make calls or sms
  • Mobile Spy Record all activities and then silently uploads logs on Mobile Spy servers.
  • Customers log into their online accounts from a web browser. Here they can see the activities recorded in near real time.

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