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Bullguard Mobile Antivirus

Bullguard Mobile Antivirus Software program for mobile telephone, such as HTC, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola which will maintain your phone from virus and spyware attacks. In case you lose important information, it is possible to track and safeguard your personal information from misuse of somebody else when your telephone is stolen or lost.

This may be the proper time if you require security protection for mobile phones:

  •  Surfing on the web will put your telephone on the risk of being infected by malware, however with BullGuard Mobile Antivirus can all be protected.
  •  Once you forget where you leave your telephone somewhere, you just turn on the GPS tracker to uncover it once again which is offered on this service.
  •  you accidentally drop your telephone and damaged. then with the reserve base will restore your telephone as ahead of.

Important Features:

1. Antivirus and Antispyware: BullGuard Mobile Antivirus will shield your crucial information with real-time detection and removal of viruses and spyware since it travels by means of direct download, SMS, MMKS, e-mail, Bluetooth and infrared.
2. Antitheft: Equipped having a GPS Tracker that allows you weeks to track your telephone if stolen by parties who’re not responsible or lost. There Wipe function that allows you to destroy all your important data in the event of theft.
3. Parental Manage: Offers total having a internet interface that may monitor your young children to spread out or view the website that could damage the morals of youngsters. Assisting you keep your young children from harm inside the type of text messages and pictures.
4. Firewall Module: Protects your phone networks from hacker attacks or breaker. This mobile software program will shop your data safely.
5. Spamfilter: Keep these devices clean, block unwanted calls.
6. Regular Backup: Store your contacts and calendar to your on the internet account and revert back if the device is damaged because of theft or loss.
7. BullGuard Mobile Anti-virusis accessible in 16 diverse languages ??in each country
8. Update database around the server with new virus definitions.
9. You are able to scan the interior memory and memory card.
10.Offered for Windows and Symbian powered devices.

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