Free IKARUS Mobile Security 2013 For Android Smartphones

Free IKARUS Mobile Security 2013 For Android Smartphones

To face the new year 2013, it has been widely available antivirus with a better version. One is IKARUS Security Software, which is a special mobile security software that already have experience in the¬†technology industry for 25 years. Maybe it’s a lot to know about this virus, but there is no harm if we review the order to better know and believe about advantages using IKARUS Security Software 2013.

IKARUS Security Software 2013 offers a security protection against malware and viruses that may attack your Android phone. And protects all of your personal data stored in the phone that are not easily stolen by hackers. Equipped also with a Desktop-Antivirus-Solution” that has been perfected for Android, and has met the requirements of an effective security software to destroy viruses, malware, spyware, adware and trojans. In addition, this antivirus has an interface that is not too complicated, simple and user-friendly.

Download Free ikarus mobile security 2013 For Android

ikarus mobile security

The main function of mobile antivirus is to safeguard and protect your mobile device, both apps, music, videos, pictures and other files from the threat of viruses, malware and spyware. Especially at this time we often use mobile phones as a tool for buying and selling online, shopping online, transfer money through mobile phones, etc.. It needs protection obstruction so that the hacker can not track your activities. And antivirus solution can be used IKARUS Security Software 2013.

Key Features:

  • an antivirus that will scan for all the applications and files stored in the phone
  • faster in detecting malware and viruses, and will analyze the virus
  • show updates automatically to facilitate you in reform
  • allows the user to control:
  • - Data Erase: Send the text “Erase: [password]” to your phone number and your personal data will be deleted
  • - Lock your device: Send the text “Lock: [password]” to your mobile phone and your device will be locked soon
  • - Find your device: Send the text “Locate: [password]” to the phone number and you will immediately receive GPS data and a link to Google Maps in response
  • - Alarm: Send the text “Alarm: [password]” to your phone number and the device will immediately raise the alarm signal is defined by you
  • - Help: Get more information about how useful remote control works
  • Antivirus is available in English, German, Italian and Chinese.
  • Allows users to block all unwanted SMS pliers, block numbers quickly
  • Scheduling Scan for viruses: Provides possibility to define periodic scanning interval

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