Download Top 5 Mobile Antivirus 2012 Software For Smartphone

Wrong if you think that the hackers will only attack on the computer anyway, so you feel it’s safe to save data on mobile devices. In fact, the smartphone is also a target of hackers. Because probably most people store important data in mobile phones, such as personal information, bank accounts and other valuable information. Well … to protect it all, you need an antivirus solution that can prevent this. We write Best5 Mobile Antivirus 2012 for Smartphones. See below:

Download Free Best Mobile Antivirus 2012 Software For Android Smartphone

Best Mobile Antivirus 2012 Software

1. NetQin Mobile Security
One of the antivirus software with beautiful interface design and a great virus scanner. Many users prefer mobile antivirus, they are very satisfied with its performance. Antivirus software is released in two versions, paid and free. You can choose according to your abilities and needs. In detail, of NetQin Antivirus is better paid and equipped than the free ones.

Key Features:

  • remove viruses, malware and other malicious file types
  • prevent hackers from accessing your cell phone freely
  • scan all virus and malware

2. ESET Mobile Antivirus
As one of the best security software for mobile phones, ESET Mobile Security provides an excellent data protection and efficient way to remove all types of new malware. So far, ESET to your mobile phone can only run on Windows phones and Symbian OS.

Key Features:

  • Firewall protection and detection of junk messages
  • block all sms or phone calls from numbers you do not want
  • remove all types of malware and viruses
  • allows you to protect all important data

3. F-Secure Mobile Antivirus
This is my favorite and to this day I still believe to this antivirus. Apparently a lot of computer experts who believe the F-Secure Mobile Antivirus as one of the mobile antivirus solution that could run on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian. In addition to allowing for protecting your mobile phone, mobile antivirus also includes a secure web browsing system to prevent opening a malicious website.

Key Features:

  • mobile security solutions that many technology experts recommended
  • protect your phone from viruses, malware, spyware and hackers
  • protect you when connect internet / browsing
  • block all malicious web sites
  • virus scan quickly

4. BullGuard Mobile Security
It is available for a variety of mobile devices and provides all round protection from malware and viruses via virus scanning engine in real-time and shield.

  • An Online Account to remotely access your smartphone
  • SIM card protection
  • real-time protection
  • State-of-the-art antivirus and antispyware features that work silently in the background

5. Lookout Mobile Antivirus
Is a free antivirus that is able to maintain the security of all files and data in the iPhone. because it also users of lookout mobile security, then I will share with you all. Lookou Antivirus is the easiest way to protect your phone, data and your privacy. This application has been used for more than 12 million people worldwide.

The main features that make lookout mobile antivirus so popular:

  • Of course protect all your data and privacy with secure on iphone
  • Backup all your files and important data to multiple security
  • Find your iPhone if lost or forgot to put it
  • Avoid the internet Wifi network without a clear guarantee
  • Free and very easy to use

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