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Download Lookout Mobile Security Software 2011

Lookout Mobile Security Software

Immediately protect your computer with highly rated AntiVirus, backup, and features Find My Phone from the Lookout. Millions of users around the world have trusted Lookout Mobile Security to protect their phone from malicious attacks that file.

Lookout AntiVirus Mobile Security enables you to be able to block phishing, malware apps, spyware, and download without worry. This mobile apps has been running silently in the background, with little memory so that the use of batteries in the device Android Phone to be efficient. Provide backup contacts and access your data over the air on the Lookout website. Can restore your data to your existing phone automatically

Have you forgotten shew phone, so you spend time to find it? Lookout Mobile Security will then be able to determine the location of your phone on a map. Activates a loud alarm so you will be able to find it under working paper, on your desk, even in a quiet place.
Many SmartPhone users accessing the internet, email, and social networks directly from the phone it could potentially happen. This fraud when they open a malicious web that provide content that is not feasible. The online fraudsters know that with a small screen that allows users more often exposed to online fraud than those who use computers.

Download Lookout Mobile Antivirus For Android Tablet

Lookout Mobile Antivirus For Android

With the Premium version of Lookout Antivirus APK, there is a very interesting feature that is named SafeBrowsing. The function of this SafeBrowsing Android Phone will protect users from phishing and malware sites that contain potentially destroy or steal data in email, texting, and surfing the web. Perform in real-time protection when you’re browsing, and will automatically block sites that provide content inappropriate.


  • Keeping your Android Phone from viruses, malware, Trojans, Rookit, and Spyware
  • Browsing with safe and stay protected from online fraud
  • Can you share something with Facebook, email, text messaging, and other
  • Automatically block sites that contained malware and spyware
  • Always do a scan every file you download (Apps, games, etc.)
  • Scan in the background and you can set it every time
  • Keep a copy of your phone contacts
  • Finding your cell phone with ease

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