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Free Review Norton Mobile Security 2012

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Norton Mobile Security is one of the antivirus for mobile phones are very popular. Antivirus is a lot of help to users if you use your phone lost or stolen by people who aren’t responsible. Also will provide a very strong protection against malware and antivirus that try to attack and get into the network system.

Still keep your cell phone safety, especially in which there are important files such as photos, video, data and other important applications. Norton Mobile Antivirus equipped with various interesting features, like to know? see below:

1. Free protection against malware attacks and viruses that infect your phone
will automatically perform a scan when a new apps is installed
detect and delete all files or anything else that threatens the safety of mobile phones, possibly stolen from cyber criminals trying to steal information about you

2. Remote key that allows you to perform locking devices used remotely typing your phone is lost or stolen.

3. Norton Mobile Antivirus Lite will be working behind the background on your phone, so it will not interfere with the performance of your device, even more slow.

4. Equipped with phone Remote Wipe feature that allows you to find out all data in case of loss or theft – make sure that no one can access critical information about your identity, your contacts.

5. It will automatically block all sites that provide content that contains malicious viruses or other malware.

Protect your identity, your personal life and your peace of mind with Norton Mobile Security. Trust brands that you know to keep you safe.

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