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Download Free Mobile Security Software 2012 for android smartphone. Best Free Mobile Security software – Download Comodo Mobile Security Software. Let’s forget for a moment malware flashback problem which is becoming a trending topic because of the ability of the technology world these malware that can infect Mac OS computers in an amount not less. In addition to Mac OS, Windows, Tablet, Apple are also Android OS which is currently one of the most popular around the world. So don’t be surprised if Android development is so rapid, but that’s not what we will cover this time. Android in order to maintain safe, stable and free from viruses and malware, it is necessary to the security software that can protect Android in real-time, one Antivirus is Comodo Mobile Security Software.

Comodo Mobile Security is a security tool that was created for the mobile version, especially on Android Smartphones. This security software will protect your device from a variety of threats, possibly from virus attacks, malware, adware, trojans, or other malicious software. In running, of course antivirus very light, so it will not disturb the performance of other applications. In short you can optimize the performance of Android. Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) is equipped with a mobile antivirus scanning engine and mobile security manager that they have different capabilities. Many of the benefits and advantages that you get when using this Antivirus, maybe I will not discuss in detail, but the main points only. See the following features:

1 Antivirus

Download Free Comodo Mobile Security For Android & Tablet

Comodo Mobile Security

Surely the main functions of Comodo Mobile Security is to protect Android from the threat of viruses, malware, spyware. Virus scan service that you can set, it will be useful to run a virus scan on a regular basis, can prevent virus infection.

2 Software & Process Manager
The point is allow you to control the software running. So you can get valid information about memory usage on your Android. While the Application Manager function to turn off all software for mobile phones that are less effective, because it could slow down the performance of this software Android.

3 SMS and Call Block
If you are upset with someone and do not want to communicate with him again, then this feature is most appropriate. Allows you to block any phone number you do not want, so you will not receive messages or calls from that number.

4 Protection of Privacy
Personal space is a place that should not be someone other than you know. Then such personal information, telephone contact and other important data stored in a secure location. App-protection feature will lock all data and software on unauthorized access

5 Anti-Theft
Don’t worry if you are lost or stolen Android? Because mobile security software is equipped with anti-theft feature that allows the owner to locate the cell phone is located. How to get into accounts that you submitted to CMS, there will be a GPS that will inform you it is.

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